Five Farmstay choices at Forgedale


Our intention for our guests is to give you the feeling of privacy and security, in our unique rural environment. That is why we offer you exclusive use of a site, which is practically out of sight of other sites and neighbours. Enjoy viewing photos of sites in the Gallery.

Arrival and departure anytime between 8.30am and 4.30pm Mon to Fri (some holidays excepted).

We are on rainwater only, so if you don’t wish to drink that, you will need to boil it or bring your own water.

Longer terms, tents and pets considered upon application.

Though we encourage you to have a good time, it is not a party venue and additional non-paying visitors are not allowed without prior conditional approval.

Do not give your attention to what others do or fail to do;
give it to what you do or fail to do-

Gautama Buddha

We are an old fashioned couple with old fashioned values living on an old fashioned property.  We will give old fashioned assistance to anyone in need.  In return, all guests are expected be self-responsible, as a condition of staying at Forgedale.  Insurance costs would become prohibitive, otherwise, and we wouldn’t be able to offer guests our wonderfully unique site and activities.  Guests are expected to have and use their own insurances, including vehicle, RV and private health insurance.  Guests are required to claim through their own insurance if something adverse should happen.

I have learnt how lucky I am to live in this country.
I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to see the beauty of our landscape
and to meet so many of my fellow Australians in rural, remote and urban places.
To observe that unique Australianness we are so proud to call our own,
those qualities that make us who we are – courage, toughness, compassion.    

Quentin Bryce

Forgedale is on designated agricultural land and characterised as open bushland forest adjoining a lake precinct.  Our property includes the family run antique restoration business and incorporates a private museum with rural and industrial Australiana, sheds, vehicles, machinery, equipment and paraphernalia displayed and used on the property.

Most traditional practices and activities we engage in are done in the same manner as they were done centuries ago.  Most old items here were manufactured before workplace health and safety, and insurance were commonly used terms.  So, though we take due care, you definitely need to be self-responsible.  You can expect all the typical risks and hazards associated with such an environment.

If you don’t know what the risks are, please ask.  We offer accompanied activities and interactions to minimise the risks and enhance the experience.  If you have any doubts about the safety at Forgedale being sufficient for your requirements, we encourage you to look elsewhere for your ideal site.   All sites, accommodation and activity options require you to sign an indemnity.

From our RIGHT GATE ENTRY directly in front of you as you enter our driveway.

If you are not fully booked in, do not drive in.

Instead, park off the clearway

on the side of the bitumen driveway or

on the wide rural footpath and

walk to the office to complete your booking.

3 night minimum.  7th night free.

After hours check-ins are allowed if you are fully paid, booked, confirmed and independent. 

Office is open 8.30 to 4.30pm Mon – Fri.

Large sites – with plenty of space.  Secluded off grid sites are available.

Don’t camp under trees as branches fall down.

No open fires except at The Hut.  No smoking.  No glass.  Take rubbish with you please.

You will need additional heavy duty power leads to reach power, if chosen as an option, and longer hoses.

Bring torches/ lights as it is quite dark at night.

Never leave taps on all the time when hoses are connected.

Security coded front gate.  Closed paddock gate.

Dogs/ Pets conditionally approved in most cases.


$20 vehicle/van/trailer storage off grid in unlevelled paddock parking.

$20 for tent sites – levelled Stockyard Retreat Tent Sites or unlevelled, natural sites.

$25 for off grid unlevelled, natural paddock, away from levelled sites

Solid boards supplied if you wish to run one wheel up onto them to help level your van.

$30 for off grid paddock site levelled – Stockyard Retreat Site 4 and Secluded Sites

$35 for power and water levelled sites – Stock Yard Retreat Sites 1-3.

$50 for The Hut, off grid rustic bush hut with fire and bonfire allowance, rain water and good for larger group bookings.

If The Hut is not booked, other campers may periodically use fire sites, or have picnics or their own fire based cooking there.

$5 per person over 3yo, if using our indoor toilet and outdoor unroofed shower with incomplete screens.

Cleaner comes Fridays.  You must be able to prove you have your own toilet and shower to avoid this fee.

Nearest dump site is Wylie Park, Petrie.


$35/ night Sites 1 -3 closest to our toilet and external show, levelled with power and water,

$30/night Site 4 is levelled with water only, though best one for solar.

$20/ night Tents on levelled tent sites

Views of farm dams.  Open eucalypt bushland paddock. Under the stars.
Horse and cattle in adjacent paddock.  Flora and fauna sanctuary of Lake Kurwongbah beyond our back gate. All weather track for 4WD.  Fine and light weather track for 2WD.

Two reverse in sites.  Two drive through sites. 

Levelled sites formed on gentle sloping ground.  Mown sites, with shade.

Semi-secluded 50 m – 100 m from amenities
Close to pedestrian gate leading to shed for external shower and internal toilet, if chosen as options.  

Take a torch.  Turn lights off when finished.
You must have your own toilet and shower if not using our colorbond shed amenities.
Cleaner comes on Friday.

You will need additional heavy duty power leads to reach power, if chosen as an option, and longer hoses.
Bring your lights if opting not to include our power.

No open fires are allowed.  Cigarette butts to be safely disposed of.
Dog friendly on lead, pending approval.  We have dogs in the adjacent yard.
Dog never loose, nor left on a chain if you are not with it.
Pick up after dog mess on all mown areas.

Front vehicle gate is closed or locked at night. 

You will need the security gate code.

Please dip lights at night so as not to bedazzle your fellow campers.

Take your rubbish with your please. 

Make a request for any special needs please.


BUSH HUT at Forgedale Dam Secluded off grid bush camp with fire and rustic comforts $50/night – good for group camps. Good for group camps.

$50/night $100 bond for up to one week.  $200 bond for two weeks or more.

Secluded bush camp on farm dam with fire and rustic comforts
Dog friendly site at farm dam with vintage windmill and bushland views.
Mowed sites and lawn surrounds. 

All weather track for 4WD. Fine and light weather track for 2WD.
Paddock track mowed.

Good drivers, who are towing, will manage turnaround and parking manoeuvres readily.
A few inexperienced, towing drivers have expressed concerns, but still managed and enjoyed their stays.

300m from pedestrian gate leading to shed for external shower and internal toilet, if chosen as options. 

Take a torch.  Turn lights off when finished.  Toilet/ Shower Cleaner comes on Friday.

Rustic Australiana Hut Museum in a single room 5m x 3m, corrugated iron hut.
Sit in the squatters chairs under the generous 5m x 3m hut awning overlooking the fireplace/ bbq, the dam and surrounding bushland.

There’s an outdoor sink, low table and high benches that you may like to use.

Non-powered. Limited rainwater – opt whether to boil rainwater before drinking.

Campfire or bonfires and fireplace BBQ are allowed (Fire restrictions may apply).
Cigarette butts to be safely disposed of.  No glass. 

Dog never loose to chase wildlife, nor left on a chain if you are not with it.

Take rubbish with you please.


SECLUDED, LEVELLED OFF GRID 4WD SITES 300 – 800m from our amenities.  

TYLERS CAMP (shady glen, closest to The Hut), 

RIDGE CAMP (on ridge uphill from The Hut, view of paddock, farm dam and Lake Kurwongbah),  

BEES CAMP (paddock. No bees anymore!) and

BILLABONG CAMP on small water hole and creeklet that feeds into the adjacent surrounds of Flora and Fauna Sanctuary Lake Kurwongbah.

Under the stars, in a mown section of levelled paddock
Non-powered, non-watered

No fires allowed.  No smoking.   No glass.

4WD slashed paddock track only.  Fine and light weather access.
Tyler and Ridge are okay with moderate rainfall access.
Bees and Billabong are not accessible without damaging our tracks under moderate to heavy rainfall conditions.

Dog friendly sites.  
Dog never loose to chase wildlife, nor left on a chain if you are not with it.

Please always shut the back boundary gate.

Take rubbish with your please.

$25/ night
3 nights minimum booking.

Views of dams and bushland paddock. Under the stars.
Semi-secluded 50 m from amenities
You must have your own toilet and shower if not choosing our optional extras.
All weather track for 4WD.  Fine and light weather track for 2WD.
Turn around space for parking.
Use the roundabout for gentle manoeuvring of caravans and trailers.
Gentle sloping ground.  Mown site, with shade.
Solid boards supplied if you wish to run one wheel up onto them to help level your van.




Forgedale Antique Furnished Penthouse Suite

Fully air-conditioned, 2 Bedrooms (Queen and King Single)

You are in the penthouse, three storeys up in a semi detached apartment.

Walk from the footpath to your own keyed door with sensor lighting.

Views of the native front garden and the back paddocks and bushland, farm dams, mountains and the antique workshops and vintage museum.
Recently renovated, self-contained, air conditioned, private access penthouse.
Security and insect screened. Third floor accessed by one set of stairs.
Queen bedroom and King single bedroom.

Antique furnished, new modern studio kitchen with microwave, lounge/library/office, shower over bath with sturdy hand rail, laundry, free to air television, though a smart tv if you want to link to your private internet modem/ mobile phone.
All weather access and off street reserved parking.
Adults only.  Non-smokers only

Contract cleaners.

$600    Part week, either Fri to Sun, or Mon to Thu
$1000  Full week