Do not give your attention to what others do or fail to do;
give it to what you do or fail to do – Gautama Buddha

We are an old fashioned couple with old fashioned values living on an old fashioned property.  We will give old fashioned assistance to anyone in need.  In return, all guests are expected be self-responsible, as a condition of staying at Forgedale.  Insurance costs would become prohibitive, otherwise, and we wouldn’t be able to offer guests our wonderfully unique site and activities.  Guests are expected to have and use their own insurances, including vehicle, RV and private health insurance.  Guests are required to claim through their own insurance if something adverse should happen.

I have learnt how lucky I am to live in this country.
I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to see the beauty of our landscape
and to meet so many of my fellow Australians in rural, remote and urban places.
To observe that unique Australianness we are so proud to call our own,
those qualities that make us who we are – courage, toughness, compassion – Quentin Bryce

Forgedale is on designated agricultural land and characterised as open bushland forest adjoining a lake precinct.  Our property includes the family run antique restoration business and incorporates a private museum with rural and industrial Australiana, sheds, vehicles, machinery, equipment and paraphernalia displayed and used on the property.  Most traditional practices and activities we engage in are done in the same manner as they were done centuries ago.  Most old items here were manufactured before workplace health and safety and insurance were commonly used terms.  So, though we take due care, you definitely need to be self-responsible.  You can expect all the typical risks and hazards associated with such an environment.  If you don’t know what the risks are, please ask.  We offer accompanied activities and interactions to minimise the risks and enhance the experience.  If you have any doubts about the safety at Forgedale being sufficient for your requirements, we encourage you to look elsewhere for your ideal site.   All sites, accommodation and activity options require you to sign an indemnity.

Forgedale Brisbane Farmstay Unique Activities and Facilities

All activities require you to sign an indemnity.

Under 18-year-olds must be accompanied by an adult.

The public can access Lake Kurwongbah, 5 mins drive away, at Mick Hanfling Park, Torrens Rd, Kurwongbah, for picnics, fishing, kayaks and canoes.  A swimming pool is a 5 minute walk away from WET Swim School Pool.

There is a 5 kph speed limit on the property.  No 4WDing on the property is allowed apart from going to and from the campsites.

Free activities:

Self-directed – bushwalking and bird watching – Free – bird list supplied upon request.

Wander down to the restored 1954 windmill and rustic museum or bush hut to enjoy a BBQ or bonfire.  Free – Bookings essential.  Fire restrictions may apply.

Monday Music Nights – Free – Acoustic Singalong Jam Session with guitars and ukelele – Bring your music, instrument, singing voice or listening ears.   We have a piano available.  Bookings are essential for seating.

At an additional cost, bookings essential:

BH – business hours are between 8 am and 4.30 pm Mon – Fri (some holidays excepted)

AH – after hours are non BH times.

18+ – means adult-only activity.

Most activities are for up to an hour or longer by negotiation.

Within limits, more than one person per family can do an activity for the same price.

Tai Chi and Nei Kung – AH – Participate in gentle breathing, meditation and exercises or some more vigorous Kung Fu and [weapon (18+)] training in our Australian garden.  Plastic weapons. ($60)

Antique Restoration –– BH – We restore antiques.  Enjoy a tour of the workshops or just observe as we restore antiques ($60).  Ask for a lesson ($240) to restore your own antique item.  Gary is a restorer of renown and high regard.

Blacksmithing – BH or AH – beginner classes ($240).  Bring out your inner blacksmith.  Make some noise at our traditional forge and antique anvils.

Working Museum – AH – This now destocked hobby farm was purchased by our family in the early 1970s.  We had kept dogs, cats, turkeys, peacocks, chickens as well as cattle.  Our Clydesdale draught horse team lived here for decades.  Today, many well-maintained horse-drawn vehicles and a wide range of well-presented, vintage, stationary engines, steam engines and Australiana collectibles are on the property.   Tours are available for static displays ($60), or you can request to see running demonstrations of the vintage stationary engines set up to various tasks, including pumps, belt run drive shafts, lighting plant, knife sharpener and corn sheller. ($120)

Hay Rides – AH – Optional tour of the 17-acre property and down to Lake Kurwongbah can be done in or on our Landcruiser ute, 1954 Willys Jeep, or drawn by one of our 1960s tractors. ($60)

Music and Dance Sessions – AH – For acoustic and folk music sessions, as well as Contra (American) Dance, Australian Bush Dance, and Australian Historical Dance (Colonial)) ask for scheduled activities. (These are all low cost activities)

Forgedale Brisbane Farmstay – Lake Kurwongbah – Enquire now to Cathy and Gary – click here to email or call 0405053062.